3 Ways to Finance from Super Shopper

1 – Good Credit

We check for the lowest rates with our credit unions and banks, to give you the lowest APR in the area. We try to beat the competition’s payments and rates. Rates as low as 2.89 APR and up to 84 payments. No down payment required, on Approved Credit.

2 – Lowest Rates For First Time Buyers

Buying your first vehicle can be overwhelming, but the benefits of being a first time buyer make it all worthwhile. You will be able to own a vehicle that suits your needs and lifestyle, establish credit, receive tax benefits and best of all you can stop throwing your money away on older vehicles.

Super Shopper Auto Funding has vehicle loan experts who specialize in first time buyers programs. We can help you through the process of buying your first vehicle.

As a first time buyer you may be concerned about keeping your payments low, especially for the first few years. Our finance experts will help you choose the best financing option, so you can afford your dream vehicle without struggling to make your payment each month. We have a wide variety of competitively finance programs for first time buyers.

3 – Credit Builder

We are glad you are in search of a Pre-Owned vehicle. Here at Super Shopper we are proud to announce that you don’t have to drive what the competition is telling you to drive. We let you choose the vehicle of your dreams, you heard right, you choose the vehicle that suits your needs.

Choose from our great selection of vehicles, trucks, vans, suv’s, sedans, coupes. Get approved in minutes, go to www.supershopperauto.com, or call 530-865-9275 to set up your appointment today.

Thank You.

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